The annual Horse Sports in Erie-Erie Hunt & Saddle Club Hunter show was exciting, full of competitors and their families, and just plain fun. Held July 2 and 3 weekend, there were 200 to 300 people on the EHSC grounds at any one time. Oh, and close to 100 horses.
The weather was equine perfection: neither too hot nor too cold.
Thank you to all club members who volunteered their time to help. This year we had a ringside food stand during the show instead of food in the clubhouse. It proved quite successful, increasing profits up from more than $200 from last year - and kept everyone fueled up with good food and drink. Kudos and thanks you to Barb Nash and the ladies who ran the stand over the weekend!
A barn picnic kicked off the activities for the weekend Friday night with hamburgers and hot dogs smelling and tasting great. The club grill worked hard, and well, providing tasty staples. All sorts of desserts were made, brought and devoured. It was great camaraderie and a good start to the weekend.
The show ran smoothly, thanks to the show staff and volunteers. Competitors and spectators alike enjoyed a pizza party on Saturday evening, sponsored by Horse Sports and EHSC, while watching the Derby action on the grounds. The Derby proved to be a challenge for many of the competitors.. EHSC club member Isabella DiNicola successfully navigated the first round course, earning a score of 85! She held her lead through the second round to end up the Derby winner.