EHSC Mega Weekend

 August 2 - 4, 2019

Opening Date: June 18, 2019 Closing Date: July 20, 2019 



Mini Trial Ride Times 2019

Entry Status 08/02/19 

Combined Test Ride Times

Dressage Ring 1 Ride Times

Dressage Ring 2 Ride Times


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EHSC Erie Gives Day, August 13


Please consider donating to EHSC on Erie Gives Day. You have two choices on how to give to your favorite nonprofit: by check or online.If you are donating online, you need to visit on Tuesday, August 13th between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM. 


If you are donating by check, please remember the donation needs to be delivered to The Erie Community Foundation by Monday, August 12th. 


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Welcome to the First Mega Weekend at Erie Hunt and Saddle Club. We are gearing up for all our competitors to enjoy the weekend with three competitions at one venue. Come for one, or come for all three!


Some special items to note:


There will be a “Best Turned Out” award for each day of competition. 


The first 5 Dressage Entries received will receive a free MEGA WEEKEND T-shirt.


The first 5 Combined Test Entries received will receive a free MEGA WEEKEND  T-shirt


The first 10 ONLINE MINI TRIALS Entries received will receive a free MEGA WEEKEND T-shirt.


We are encouraging our Mini Trials competitors to enter online at


For any questions on Mini Trials entries, the secretary for the Mini Trials email is and her phone number is (910) 315-6179


For Questions regarding any of our competitions, the following organizers contact information is below:


Dressage – Dorothy Hokanson - (716) 484-7509


Combined Test – Sue Strohmeyer- 814-450-6618 or


Mini Trials – Wendy Bolding-(814) 440-1696 or email


We look forward to seeing you at the Mega Weekend!!

 Click here for:

      For all information pertaining to the Mini Trial, please click here and refer to pages 32 - 38


      Mini Trial Rules

      EHSC Schooling Rules

      Combined Test Entry Form

      Dressage Show Entry Form    *** There is no Training Level Test 4 -as stated on the entry in 

                                                         the EHSC Showbook ***

      Mini Trial Entry Form

      Northeast Ohio Mini Trial Series