• Erie Hunt and Saddle Club strongly recommends that all
    horses entering the grounds have a Negative Coggins
    and current vaccinations recommended for this area.
  • The Erie Hunt & Saddle Club will not be responsible for any damage,
    injury or loss to persons, animals or property of exhibitors or
  • Every class offered herein which is covered by the
    current U.S.E.F. rule book will be conducted and judged in
    accordance therewith: any class not covered shall have the rules
    posted in the secretary’s office.
  • Any horse or rider disrupting a class will be excused from the class.
  • Rider’s age is determined as of December 1st, of the preceding year.
  • Entries may be shown both English and Western with the
    appropriate tack and attire. All tack changes must be cleared with the
    announcer and paddock master.
  • Stallions are prohibited in classes for Juniors.
  • All horses exhibited in breed classes must show papers.
  • Hobbles and lariats are optional in Stock Seat classes.
  • For lack of entries, the show committee reserves the right to cancel
    or combine classes as necessary.
  • No refunds for scratched classes.
  • In Equitation classes the rider is being judged, in all others the horse
    is being judged.
  • All dogs must be leashed.
  • All riders in over fence classes or schooling must wear ASTM-SEI approved headgear.
  • All Junior riders (17 and under) whenever mounted or driving must
    wear ASTM-SEI approved headgear.
  • Stalls are available (at regular shows) for owner of the horse at
    $15.00 members / $25.00 non-members per day. Note: Stalls must be bedded. Shavings will be available for purchase or you may bring your own.
  • Anyone wishing to reserve (or change) a stall must contact the EHSC Stabling
    Chairman. Stalls may not be claimed prior to 3:00 P.M. on the day prior to
    the show except by contacting the Stabling Chairman.
  • All motorized vehicles must be driven by a licensed driver. This includes golf carts, scooters, 4 wheelers, etc.
  • Hunter Classes:
    • Standard nose bands must be used.
    • Standing martingales are allowed in over fence classes only.
    • No boots or wraps are allowed.